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In today's age of technology, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. It has opened up a world of information and knowledge at our fingertips. One such website that aims to educate and engage users in the wonders of nature is mbgnet.mobot.org. This website, created by the Missouri Botanical Garden, offers a wealth of resources and interactive activities for users of all ages.

What is mbgnet.mobot.org?

Mbgnet.mobot.org is an online platform that provides a comprehensive and interactive way to learn about various ecosystems and biomes. It is designed to engage students, teachers, and nature enthusiasts in a fun and educational manner.

Exploring the Website

The website offers a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easy. Here are some of the key sections to explore:


Learn about different ecosystems such as the Arctic, Desert, and Rainforest. Each ecosystem has its own dedicated page with detailed information and interactive activities.


Discover the world's major biomes, including Tundra, Taiga, Grasslands, and more. Each biome is explored in depth, providing insights into its climate, flora, and fauna.

Plant Parts

Get an in-depth understanding of plant parts and their functions. From roots to flowers, this section covers it all, giving users a comprehensive overview of the plant kingdom.


Learn about the classification of living organisms. This section delves into the scientific categorization of plants and animals, providing a deeper understanding of the diversity of life on Earth.

Food Chains

Explore the intricacies of food chains and how energy flows through different organisms. This section uses interactive diagrams and examples to illustrate the concept of the food chain in various ecosystems.


Discover the fascinating world of pollination and how plants reproduce. This section explains the process of pollination, the role of pollinators, and the importance of this ecological interaction.


Learn about how plants and animals adapt to their environments to survive. This section highlights various adaptations found in different ecosystems, showcasing the incredible diversity of life on Earth.

Human Impact

Understand the impact of human activities on ecosystems and the environment. This section raises awareness about the importance of conservation and sustainable practices to preserve our planet for future generations.

Games and Activities

Engage in interactive games and activities that reinforce the concepts learned throughout the website. These games make learning fun and allow users to test their knowledge in an engaging manner.

Lesson Plans

Access a wide range of lesson plans and educational resources for teachers. These lesson plans align with curriculum standards and provide teachers with ready-to-use materials for their classrooms.

Teacher Resources

Find additional resources and materials to support educators in teaching about ecosystems and biomes. From worksheets to visual aids, this section offers a wealth of supplementary materials.

Support and Contact

If you have any questions or need assistance, the support and contact section provides information on how to get in touch with the team behind mbgnet.mobot.org. They are always ready to help and provide guidance.


Mbgnet.mobot.org is a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of ecosystems, biomes, and the natural world. Its interactive activities, detailed information, and engaging content make it an ideal platform for students, teachers, and nature enthusiasts alike. So, whether you're a curious learner or an educator searching for educational materials, mbgnet.mobot.org is a website worth exploring.