35 All Saints Fair 2023

All Saints Fair Ride Pass PreSale, Merrimac, Sat 20th Aug 2022, 1100 am 500 pm GMT+1000
All Saints Fair Ride Pass PreSale, Merrimac, Sat 20th Aug 2022, 1100 am 500 pm GMT+1000 from events.humanitix.com

All Saints Fair 2023


Welcome to the All Saints Fair 2023, the highly anticipated annual event that celebrates the rich history and vibrant culture of our community. This year's fair promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with an array of attractions, activities, and entertainment for all ages. Whether you're a history buff, a food lover, or simply looking for a fun day out with family and friends, the All Saints Fair is the place to be. Join us as we dive into the highlights of this year's fair and explore everything it has to offer.

History of the All Saints Fair

Discover the origins of the All Saints Fair and how it has evolved over the years.

Attractions and Activities

Explore the various attractions and activities that will be available at the fair, and how they cater to different interests and age groups.

Food and Beverage

Dive into the mouthwatering culinary delights that await fairgoers, from traditional favorites to innovative creations.


Get ready to be entertained by a diverse lineup of performances, including live music, dance shows, and theatrical productions.


Browse through the bustling marketplace at the fair, where you can find unique crafts, artwork, and locally sourced products.

Educational Exhibits

Engage with interactive exhibits that shed light on the history, traditions, and cultural heritage of our community.

Children's Zone

Discover a dedicated area for children, offering a range of kid-friendly activities and entertainment options.

Community Involvement

Learn about the efforts made by the fair organizers to involve and engage the local community in the planning and execution of the event.

Environmental Sustainability

Find out how the All Saints Fair is committed to reducing its environmental impact through sustainable practices and initiatives.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Explore the measures taken to ensure that the fair is accessible and inclusive for individuals of all abilities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Discover how you can get involved and contribute to the success of the fair by volunteering your time and skills.

Ticket Information

Get details on ticket prices, purchasing options, and any special promotions or discounts available.

Getting There

Plan your visit to the fair by learning about the various transportation options and parking facilities.

Health and Safety Measures

Find out about the health and safety protocols implemented at the fair to ensure the well-being of all attendees.

Tips for a Great Fair Experience

Discover insider tips and tricks to make the most of your time at the All Saints Fair, from avoiding crowds to navigating the venue efficiently.

Feedback and Reviews

Read reviews and testimonials from past fairgoers, and share your own feedback to help improve future editions of the event.

Supporting Local Businesses

Learn about the positive impact the All Saints Fair has on the local economy and the opportunities it creates for small businesses.


As the All Saints Fair 2023 approaches, excitement is building among the community. With its rich history, diverse attractions, and commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, the fair promises to be an unforgettable experience for all. Mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate the spirit of our community at the All Saints Fair 2023.