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In this article, we will take a closer look at the St. James School Calendar for the year 2022. As a prestigious educational institution, St. James School is known for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. The school calendar plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and effective planning for the entire academic year. Let's explore the key events and important dates that students, parents, and faculty members need to be aware of.

1. Start and End Dates

The St. James School calendar for 2022 begins on August 29th and concludes on June 10th. These dates mark the official start and end of the academic year, providing a clear timeline for students and faculty members to plan their activities.

1.1 First Day of School

The academic year kicks off with the first day of school on August 29th. This day is filled with excitement and anticipation as students arrive on campus, meet their teachers, and reconnect with friends after the summer break.

1.2 Last Day of School

The last day of school, which falls on June 10th, signifies the end of another successful academic year at St. James School. It is a day of celebration and reflection as students bid farewell to their teachers and classmates, taking with them cherished memories and valuable lessons.

2. Holidays and Breaks

The St. James School calendar includes several holidays and breaks throughout the year, providing students and faculty members with well-deserved rest and relaxation. These breaks also offer opportunities for families to spend quality time together.

2.1 Winter Break

One of the most eagerly anticipated breaks is the winter break, which spans from December 22nd to January 2nd. This extended break allows students and faculty members to rejuvenate and enjoy the holiday season with their loved ones.

2.2 Spring Break

Another significant break on the St. James School calendar is the spring break. Scheduled from April 10th to April 14th, this break provides students and faculty members with a chance to recharge and prepare for the final stretch of the academic year.

3. Parent-Teacher Conferences

St. James School recognizes the importance of strong parent-teacher communication and collaboration. The school calendar includes designated days for parent-teacher conferences, facilitating open and constructive discussions about each student's progress.

3.1 Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

The fall parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for October 20th and 21st. During these conferences, parents have the opportunity to meet with their child's teachers, discuss academic performance, and address any concerns or questions they may have.

3.2 Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

The spring parent-teacher conferences take place on March 9th and 10th. These conferences allow parents to receive updates on their child's progress, gain insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, and collaborate with teachers to support their academic growth.

4. Professional Development Days

St. James School is committed to providing its faculty members with ongoing professional development opportunities. The school calendar includes designated days for faculty members to engage in workshops, training sessions, and collaborative planning.

4.1 Professional Development Day 1

The first professional development day is scheduled for September 19th. On this day, faculty members will have the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills, learn about new educational practices, and collaborate with colleagues to improve instructional strategies.

4.2 Professional Development Day 2

The second professional development day is set for January 16th. This day allows faculty members to further their professional growth, explore innovative teaching methods, and reflect on their teaching practices to better serve the needs of their students.

5. School Events and Extracurricular Activities

St. James School offers a rich array of extracurricular activities and events that contribute to the holistic development of its students. The school calendar highlights these events, ensuring that students and parents are aware of the diverse opportunities available.

5.1 Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is a highly anticipated event that brings the school community together in a celebration of the season. Scheduled for October 15th, this event features games, food, performances, and a chance for students to showcase their talents.

5.2 Science Fair

The Science Fair is an exciting opportunity for students to explore the wonders of science and showcase their scientific knowledge. This event, scheduled for February 23rd, encourages students to engage in hands-on experiments and present their findings to their peers and teachers.

5.3 Sports Day

Sports Day is an annual event that promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and friendly competition. Set for May 5th, this event allows students to participate in a variety of sports activities and showcase their athletic abilities.


The St. James School calendar for 2022 encompasses a wide range of important dates, holidays, and events that contribute to the overall educational experience of students. By staying informed about these key dates, students, parents, and faculty members can effectively plan their schedules, make the most of their time at St. James School, and actively participate in the vibrant school community.