55 Level 7 Cheer Skills

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Level 7 Cheer Skills


Cheerleading is a sport that requires dedication, skill, and teamwork. As cheerleaders progress through different levels, they are challenged with more advanced skills and routines. Level 7 is considered one of the highest levels in competitive cheerleading, and it requires athletes to have a strong foundation in basic skills and the ability to perform complex stunts, tumbling passes, and jumps. In this article, we will explore the various skills that make up level 7 cheerleading and provide tips for athletes looking to improve their performance.

Advanced Stunts

Level 7 cheerleading introduces athletes to a wide range of advanced stunts that require strength, balance, and precision. Some of the key stunts at this level include:

  • Twisting Dismounts: Athletes learn to perform dismounts with twists, adding an extra level of difficulty to their routines.
  • Double Downs: This stunt involves two bases and a flyer performing a double twisting rotation before being caught by the bases.
  • Single Leg Stunts: Athletes work on perfecting single leg stunts such as the liberty, scorpion, and heel stretch.

Tumbling Passes

Tumbling is a crucial component of level 7 cheerleading, and athletes are expected to have a strong foundation in advanced tumbling skills. Some of the key tumbling passes at this level include:

  • Standing Fulls: Athletes work on perfecting standing fulls, which require a high level of power and control.
  • Multiple Back Handsprings to Tuck: Athletes learn to connect multiple back handsprings before executing a tuck.
  • Whip-Double Fulls: This tumbling pass involves a whip back followed by a double full, showcasing both power and technique.

Jumps and Leaps

Level 7 cheerleading requires athletes to demonstrate exceptional flexibility and control in their jumps and leaps. Some key jumps and leaps at this level include:

  • Toe Touch Tucks: Athletes work on perfecting their toe touch jumps with a tuck added for difficulty.
  • Switch Leaps: Athletes learn to perform switch leaps with split positions, showcasing both height and extension.
  • Double Hooks: This advanced jump requires athletes to perform two consecutive herkie jumps, displaying strength and control.


Level 7 cheerleading introduces athletes to complex and visually stunning pyramid formations. Some key pyramid skills at this level include:

  • Inversions: Athletes learn to execute inversions, which involve lifting a flyer into an upside-down position.
  • Extended One-Armed Stunts: Athletes work on performing one-armed stunts with extended positions, adding difficulty and visual appeal to their pyramids.
  • Double Down Pyramids: This pyramid skill involves multiple bases and a flyer performing a double down dismount.

Spotting Techniques

Spotting is crucial in cheerleading to ensure the safety of athletes during the execution of complex skills. Some key spotting techniques at level 7 include:

  • Twist Spots: Spotters assist flyers in executing twisting skills, providing support and guidance throughout the rotation.
  • Hand Spots: Spotters provide support and control during stunts and tumbling passes by placing their hands on the athlete's body or limbs.
  • Body Spots: Spotters use their bodies to provide stability and support during stunts, jumps, and pyramids.

Strength and Conditioning

Level 7 cheerleading requires athletes to have a high level of strength and conditioning to perform advanced skills with ease and precision. Some key strength and conditioning exercises for level 7 cheerleaders include:

  • Weighted Squats and Lunges: These exercises help build lower body strength, which is essential for executing powerful jumps and tumbling passes.
  • Core Exercises: Athletes work on strengthening their core muscles through exercises such as planks, sit-ups, and Russian twists.
  • Upper Body Strength Training: Cheerleaders focus on building upper body strength through exercises like push-ups, shoulder presses, and pull-ups.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility is a key component of level 7 cheerleading, as it allows athletes to execute jumps, stunts, and tumbling passes with maximum extension and control. Some key flexibility training exercises for level 7 cheerleaders include:

  • Split Stretches: Athletes work on increasing their split flexibility through various stretching exercises such as lunges, frog stretches, and butterfly stretches.
  • Back and Shoulder Stretches: Cheerleaders focus on improving their back and shoulder flexibility through exercises like bridges, backbends, and shoulder stretches.
  • Hip Flexor Stretches: Flexibility in the hip flexor muscles is crucial for executing high kicks and jumps. Athletes work on improving their hip flexor flexibility through exercises like lunges and leg swings.

Performance Tips

To excel in level 7 cheerleading, athletes need to focus not only on their physical skills but also on their overall performance. Some key performance tips for level 7 cheerleaders include:

  • Facial Expressions: Athletes should work on maintaining strong and confident facial expressions throughout their routines to enhance the overall performance.
  • Sharp Movements: Clean and sharp movements help make routines visually appealing. Athletes should focus on executing their skills with precision and control.
  • Energy and Enthusiasm: Level 7 cheerleading requires athletes to perform with high energy and enthusiasm. Athletes should work on projecting their energy to the audience and judges.

Competition Preparation

Preparing for cheerleading competitions at level 7 requires athletes to be organized and focused. Some key competition preparation tips for level 7 cheerleaders include:

  • Routine Rehearsals: Athletes should practice their routines regularly to ensure they are confident and familiar with the choreography.
  • Team Bonding: Building strong team dynamics is crucial for successful performances. Athletes should engage in team-building activities to strengthen their bond.
  • Mental Preparation: Level 7 cheerleading can be mentally demanding. Athletes should work on visualization techniques and positive self-talk to build confidence and reduce anxiety.


Level 7 cheerleading is a challenging level that requires athletes to showcase their advanced skills in stunts, tumbling passes, jumps, and pyramids. By focusing on their physical abilities, flexibility, performance, and competition preparation, athletes can excel in level 7 cheerleading and continue to push the boundaries of their sport. With the right training and dedication, level 7 cheerleaders can achieve remarkable feats and leave a lasting impact in the world of cheerleading.