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1 4 Ice Hockey Drills


Ice hockey is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport that requires skill, agility, and teamwork. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, practicing various drills is essential to improve your overall performance on the ice. In this article, we will explore 14 effective ice hockey drills that can help players develop their skating, shooting, passing, and defensive skills.

1. Skating Drills

Skating is the foundation of ice hockey, and mastering different skating techniques is crucial for every player. Here are four drills to enhance your skating abilities:

1.1 Forward Stride Drill

This drill focuses on improving your forward stride technique. Start at one end of the rink and skate towards the other end, focusing on long and powerful strides. Keep your knees bent, maintain a low center of gravity, and pump your arms for maximum speed and balance.

1.2 Backward Skating Drill

Backward skating is just as important as forward skating in ice hockey. Practice this drill by starting at one end of the rink, facing backward, and skate towards the other end while maintaining a good knee bend and using your edges to push off. Keep your head up and maintain a strong backward stride.

1.3 Crossover Drill

Crossovers are essential for quick turns and evasive maneuvers on the ice. Set up two cones a few feet apart and skate in a figure-eight pattern around them, crossing one leg over the other as you transition between circles. Focus on deep knee bends and generating power through your edges.

1.4 Agility Drill

Agility is crucial for quick direction changes and evading opponents. Set up a series of cones in a zigzag pattern and skate through them as quickly as possible, making sharp turns and pivots. This drill will improve your edge control and overall maneuverability on the ice.

2. Shooting Drills

Accurate shooting is a vital skill for any ice hockey player, and regular practice is necessary to improve your shot. Here are four drills to enhance your shooting abilities:

2.1 Wrist Shot Drill

The wrist shot is a fundamental and versatile shooting technique. Begin by standing in front of the net and practice shooting pucks using only your wrists, focusing on accuracy and quick release. Work on your follow-through and aim for different target areas in the net.

2.2 Snap Shot Drill

The snap shot is a quick and powerful shooting technique that can catch goaltenders off guard. Start by standing in the slot area and practice snapping the puck towards the net with a quick release. Focus on generating power from your lower body and maintaining accuracy.

2.3 Slap Shot Drill

The slap shot is a high-velocity shooting technique that requires proper technique and timing. Begin by setting up at the point on the blue line and practice your slap shot, focusing on weight transfer, stick flex, and follow-through. Work on accuracy and generating power from your entire body.

2.4 One-Timer Drill

One-timers are crucial for capitalizing on scoring opportunities. Practice this drill by setting up near the faceoff dot and have a teammate pass you the puck. Practice receiving the pass and immediately shooting it towards the net without stopping the puck. Focus on timing and accuracy.

3. Passing Drills

Effective passing is essential for maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities in ice hockey. Here are four drills to enhance your passing abilities:

3.1 Stationary Pass Drill

This drill helps improve your accuracy and passing technique. Stand facing a wall or a target and practice passing the puck against it, focusing on crisp and accurate passes. Vary the distance and angle to challenge yourself.

3.2 Moving Pass Drill

Passing on the move is a crucial skill in game situations. Set up two cones a few feet apart and skate in between them while passing the puck back and forth with a teammate. Focus on leading your passes and maintaining good puck control while in motion.

3.3 Breakout Pass Drill

The breakout pass is an essential skill for transitioning from defense to offense. Set up a defensive zone scenario and practice making breakout passes to teammates who are breaking out towards the neutral zone. Focus on accuracy and making quick decisions.

3.4 Cross-Ice Pass Drill

Cross-ice passes are effective for creating scoring opportunities and stretching the opposing team's defense. Set up two nets on opposite sides of the rink and practice making cross-ice passes to teammates. Focus on accuracy and timing to ensure the pass reaches its intended target.

4. Defensive Drills

Being a solid defenseman is crucial for preventing goals and supporting the team's offense. Here are four drills to enhance your defensive abilities:

4.1 Gap Control Drill

Gap control is essential for maintaining proper defensive positioning and preventing opponents from gaining speed. Set up a series of cones along the blue line and practice skating backward while maintaining an appropriate gap between you and an imaginary attacker. Focus on angling and stick positioning.

4.2 Stick Checking Drill

Stick checking is an effective defensive technique for disrupting opponents' plays and regaining possession. Set up a one-on-one scenario and practice stick checking your opponent while maintaining good body positioning and balance. Focus on timing and using your stick effectively.

4.3 Shot Blocking Drill

Shot blocking is a selfless act that can save goals and turn the tide of a game. Set up a shooting scenario and practice positioning yourself in front of the shooter to block the shot. Focus on proper technique, such as getting low, angling your body, and using your equipment effectively.

4.4 Defensive Zone Coverage Drill

Effective defensive zone coverage is crucial for maintaining control and preventing opposing players from scoring. Set up a series of offensive zone scenarios and practice defending against different types of plays, such as odd-man rushes and cycling. Focus on communication, reading the play, and maintaining good positioning.


Practicing these 14 ice hockey drills regularly can significantly improve your overall performance on the ice. Remember to focus on proper technique, accuracy, and speed during each drill. Whether you're a forward, defenseman, or goaltender, these drills will help you develop and refine your skills, ultimately making you a more well-rounded and effective ice hockey player.