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Whittemore HO Scale Train Table Downtown building interior detailing Sunny Day Cafe June
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When it comes to building model train layouts, attention to detail is crucial for creating a realistic and immersive experience. While many model railroaders focus on the exterior of their buildings, the interior spaces often go overlooked. However, adding interiors to your HO scale buildings can bring your layout to life and add a whole new level of realism. In this article, we will explore the importance of HO scale building interiors and provide tips and ideas for creating detailed and realistic interior spaces.

Why Add Interiors to HO Scale Buildings?

Enhance Realism

One of the main reasons to add interiors to your HO scale buildings is to enhance the overall realism of your layout. Including detailed interiors allows viewers to imagine the activities happening inside the buildings and adds a sense of depth and authenticity to your scene.

Engage Viewers

Adding interiors to your buildings can also engage viewers and spark their imagination. When people see a building with an open window or door revealing a detailed interior, it invites them to mentally step into the scene and imagine the lives of the people or the activities taking place inside.

Showcase Modeling Skills

Creating realistic interiors provides an opportunity to showcase your modeling skills. From furniture and fixtures to lighting and signage, each interior element presents a chance to demonstrate your attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Potential for Storytelling

HO scale building interiors offer a unique opportunity for storytelling. By carefully selecting and arranging interior elements, you can create scenes that convey a specific narrative or evoke a particular era or theme. This adds depth and intrigue to your layout, making it more than just a collection of buildings and trains.

Tips for Creating HO Scale Building Interiors


Before diving into creating interiors, it's important to do some research. Look for reference photos, books, magazines, or online resources that showcase the interior design and architecture of the time period and region you are modeling. This will help you accurately recreate the look and feel of the interiors.

Scale Accuracy

Ensure that the interior elements you choose are in scale with your HO scale buildings. Pay attention to the size of furniture, fixtures, and other details to ensure they are proportionate to the building and the figures you plan to include.

Choose Appropriate Materials

When selecting materials for your HO scale building interiors, consider their durability and compatibility with the surrounding elements. For example, use plastic or resin furniture instead of fragile materials like glass or ceramic to prevent damage during handling and transportation.


Lighting plays a vital role in bringing your HO scale building interiors to life. Use small LED lights or fiber optics to create realistic lighting effects such as lamps, overhead lights, or even flickering fireplaces. Experiment with different lighting techniques to achieve the desired ambiance.

Details Matter

Pay attention to the smallest details when creating your HO scale building interiors. Consider adding curtains, rugs, paintings, and other decorative elements to make the space feel lived-in. Don't forget to include signage, posters, or advertisements that reflect the era and purpose of the building.

Weathering and Aging

To add authenticity to your HO scale building interiors, consider weathering and aging the interior elements. Apply subtle weathering techniques to furniture, walls, and floors to simulate wear and tear over time. This adds a touch of realism and helps tell the story of the building and its occupants.

Interior Layout

When designing the layout of your HO scale building interiors, consider the flow of the space and how it would realistically accommodate the activities taking place inside. Arrange furniture, workstations, and other elements in a way that makes sense for the building's purpose and the era you are depicting.

Occupants and Figures

To truly bring your HO scale building interiors to life, consider adding occupants and figures. Use pre-painted or custom-painted figures that match the era and theme of your layout. Position them in various activities to create dynamic scenes and add a human touch to your interiors.

Popular HO Scale Building Interiors

Residential Interiors

Create cozy and lived-in homes with detailed living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and dining areas. Include furnishings such as sofas, beds, dining tables, and appliances to bring these spaces to life.

Commercial Interiors

Add realism to your commercial buildings by creating detailed interiors for shops, cafes, and offices. Include shelves, counters, display cases, and seating areas to showcase the businesses in action.

Industrial Interiors

For industrial buildings, focus on the machinery and equipment that would be found inside. Add conveyor belts, workstations, storage areas, and realistic lighting to create a bustling industrial setting.

Public Interiors

Create realistic public spaces such as train stations, airports, or schools. Include waiting areas, ticket counters, benches, lockers, and other elements that reflect the purpose of the building.

Inspiration for HO Scale Building Interiors

Historical Photographs

Explore historical photographs of interiors from the time period and region you are modeling. Pay attention to the furniture styles, color schemes, and decor to accurately recreate the atmosphere of the era.

Architectural Magazines

Architectural magazines often feature interior design articles and photographs that can serve as inspiration for your HO scale building interiors. Look for layouts, color schemes, and furniture arrangements that resonate with your vision.

Museums and Exhibitions

Visit museums or exhibitions that focus on interior design or historical periods relevant to your layout. Take note of the layout, materials, and decorations used in the exhibits and adapt them to your HO scale buildings.

Online Communities and Forums

Join online communities and forums dedicated to model railroading. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, share ideas, and seek inspiration for your HO scale building interiors. These platforms often feature photos, tutorials, and discussions that can spark your creativity.


Adding interiors to your HO scale buildings is a rewarding endeavor that enhances the realism, engages viewers, and allows you to showcase your modeling skills. By paying attention to scale accuracy, materials, lighting, and details, you can create realistic and immersive interior spaces that bring your layout to life. Take inspiration from historical sources and explore various resources to spark your creativity. Whether it's a cozy home, a bustling shop, or an industrial workshop, HO scale building interiors offer endless possibilities for storytelling and creating a truly captivating model train layout.