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Scenes from the Jersey Village FFA craft show
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Jersey Village FFA Craft Show


The Jersey Village FFA Craft Show is an annual event that showcases the talent and creativity of local artisans. Held in the heart of Jersey Village, this craft show has become a beloved tradition for both residents and visitors alike. With a wide range of handmade crafts, unique artwork, and delicious food, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this community event.

History of the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show

The Jersey Village FFA Craft Show was first established in 1995 as a way to support the local FFA chapter and provide a platform for artisans to showcase their work. Over the years, the event has grown in popularity and has become a staple in the community calendar. Today, it attracts hundreds of visitors from all over the region.

Date and Location

The craft show is typically held in the fall, usually in the month of November. The exact dates may vary each year, so it's important to check the official website or local event listings for the most up-to-date information. The show takes place at the Jersey Village High School, located at 7600 Solomon St, Jersey Village, Texas.

Crafts and Artwork

One of the main highlights of the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show is the wide array of crafts and artwork available for purchase. From handcrafted jewelry and pottery to paintings and woodwork, there is no shortage of unique and one-of-a-kind items to browse and buy. The artisans who participate in the show are carefully selected, ensuring that only the highest quality craftsmanship is on display.

Food and Refreshments

No event is complete without delicious food, and the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show does not disappoint. Local food vendors set up stalls offering a variety of tasty treats, from classic fair food like funnel cakes and corn dogs to gourmet options like artisanal pizzas and gourmet burgers. There are also beverage stands where visitors can quench their thirst with refreshing drinks.

Live Demonstrations and Workshops

In addition to shopping and eating, the craft show also offers live demonstrations and workshops. Visitors can watch skilled artisans in action as they create their masterpieces, providing a unique opportunity to learn about different crafting techniques. There are also hands-on workshops where attendees can try their hand at making their own crafts under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Entertainment and Activities

To keep visitors entertained throughout the day, the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show features live entertainment and various activities. Local musicians and performers take to the stage, providing a lively atmosphere for attendees to enjoy. There are also interactive activities for children, such as face painting, balloon twisting, and even a petting zoo.

Supporting the Community

One of the main goals of the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show is to give back to the community. The event is organized by the Jersey Village FFA chapter, and all proceeds go towards supporting their programs and initiatives. By attending the craft show, visitors not only get to enjoy a fun-filled day but also contribute to the betterment of the local community.

Admission and Parking

Admission to the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show is typically free, making it an affordable event for the whole family. However, donations are always appreciated to help support the FFA chapter. As for parking, there is ample parking available near the high school, so attendees do not need to worry about finding a spot.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show takes the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees. This includes implementing social distancing measures, providing hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue, and encouraging the use of face masks. Visitors are encouraged to follow the guidelines set forth by the event organizers.

Plan Your Visit

If you're planning to attend the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show, it's a good idea to plan your visit in advance. Check the official website for the most up-to-date information on dates, times, and any additional requirements or guidelines. Arriving early can also help you beat the crowds and get a head start on your shopping.

Supporting Local Artisans

By attending the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show, you are not only supporting the FFA chapter but also local artisans and small businesses. Many of the crafters rely on events like this to showcase and sell their work, so your patronage is greatly appreciated. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or something special for yourself, you're sure to find it at this craft show.


The Jersey Village FFA Craft Show is a must-visit event for anyone who appreciates handmade crafts, artwork, and delicious food. With its rich history, diverse range of vendors, and exciting activities, there is no doubt that this community event will continue to thrive for years to come. So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the best of local craftsmanship and creativity at the Jersey Village FFA Craft Show.