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Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care The Basics, 6th Edition Workbook
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The Basics of Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care: 6th Edition PDF


With the constant advancements in healthcare, it is crucial for nursing assistants to stay updated with the latest information and guidelines. One valuable resource is the 6th edition of Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care, available in PDF format. This edition provides comprehensive coverage of the essential knowledge and skills required for nursing assistant care. In this article, we will delve into the basics of Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care 6th Edition PDF and explore its benefits for both nursing assistants and healthcare professionals.

Chapter Breakdown

Let's start by breaking down the chapters included in Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care 6th Edition PDF:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Nursing Assistant Care

This chapter serves as an introduction to the role of a nursing assistant, providing an overview of the healthcare industry, patient rights, and the importance of communication skills.

Chapter 2: The Nursing Assistant and the Healthcare Team

Here, readers will learn about the different members of the healthcare team and their roles, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and collaboration in providing quality patient care.

Chapter 3: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

This chapter focuses on the legal and ethical aspects of nursing assistant care, including confidentiality, patient rights, and ethical decision-making.

Chapter 4: Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital in healthcare settings. This chapter provides guidance on verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and overcoming communication barriers.

Chapter 5: Infection Control

Preventing the spread of infections is crucial in healthcare. This chapter covers essential information on infection control measures, hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and isolation precautions.

Chapter 6: Safety

Safety is a top priority in healthcare. This chapter discusses various safety measures, including fall prevention, fire safety, and emergency preparedness.

Chapter 7: Emergency Care

Being prepared for emergencies is essential for nursing assistants. This chapter provides guidelines on recognizing and responding to different emergencies, including cardiac arrest, choking, and seizures.

Chapter 8: Resident Rights

Respecting and advocating for resident rights is a fundamental aspect of nursing assistant care. This chapter covers topics such as privacy, dignity, and promoting independence.

Chapter 9: Understanding the Resident

To provide personalized care, nursing assistants must understand the unique needs and preferences of each resident. This chapter explores cultural diversity, developmental disabilities, and common mental health conditions.

Chapter 10: Body Systems and Related Conditions

A solid understanding of the human body systems is essential for nursing assistants. This chapter provides an overview of each body system and common related conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Chapter 11: Vital Signs

Monitoring vital signs is a crucial part of nursing assistant care. This chapter explains how to measure and document vital signs accurately.

Chapter 12: Positioning and Moving Residents

Proper positioning and transferring techniques are vital to prevent injuries and maintain resident comfort. This chapter provides step-by-step instructions and safety guidelines for positioning and moving residents.

Chapter 13: The Resident's Environment

Creating a safe and comfortable environment for residents is essential. This chapter covers topics such as maintaining cleanliness, managing personal belongings, and promoting a homelike atmosphere.

Chapter 14: Bedmaking

Bedmaking is a routine task for nursing assistants. This chapter provides guidance on different types of beds, bedmaking techniques, and infection control measures.

Chapter 15: Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial for overall health and well-being. This chapter covers various aspects of personal hygiene, including bathing, oral care, and grooming.

Chapter 16: Grooming

Grooming is an essential part of nursing assistant care. This chapter provides guidance on hair care, nail care, and dressing residents appropriately.

Chapter 17: Nutrition and Fluid Balance

This chapter focuses on the importance of proper nutrition and hydration for residents. Readers will learn about different dietary requirements, meal planning, and assisting with feeding.

Chapter 18: Urinary and Bowel Elimination

Assisting residents with urinary and bowel elimination is a common responsibility of nursing assistants. This chapter provides guidance on promoting regular elimination, managing incontinence, and using assistive devices.

Chapter 19: Rehabilitation and Restorative Care

Rehabilitation and restorative care play a vital role in helping residents regain independence and improve their quality of life. This chapter discusses different rehabilitation techniques and the nursing assistant's role in supporting these efforts.

Chapter 20: Subacute Care

Subacute care refers to specialized care for individuals who require intensive medical and rehabilitative services. This chapter provides an overview of subacute care settings and the nursing assistant's role in providing care.

Chapter 21: End-of-Life Care

Caring for residents at the end of life requires compassion and sensitivity. This chapter explores the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of end-of-life care and provides guidance on supporting residents and their families.


Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care 6th Edition PDF is a valuable resource for nursing assistants seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in providing quality care. With its comprehensive coverage of essential topics and practical guidelines, this edition serves as a reliable reference for nursing assistants and healthcare professionals alike. By staying updated with the latest edition, nursing assistants can continue to deliver excellent care and make a positive impact on the lives of their residents.