45 With Wondering Awe Lyrics

With Wondering Awe (by Bonnie Heidenreich SATB)
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The Beauty of "With Wondering Awe" Lyrics


Music has the power to touch our souls and evoke a wide range of emotions within us. One hymn that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate listeners is "With Wondering Awe." This hymn, with its powerful lyrics and enchanting melody, has become a cherished part of many religious gatherings and celebrations. In this article, we will delve into the beauty and significance of the "With Wondering Awe" lyrics.

The Origin and History

1. A timeless hymn

2. Written by Eliza R. Snow

3. First published in 1856

4. Inspired by the birth of Jesus Christ

5. Gained popularity among Latter-day Saints

6. Transcended religious boundaries

7. Adapted into various musical arrangements

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

8. Reflecting on the Savior's birth

9. Awe and wonderment

10. Emphasizing the divine nature of Jesus Christ

11. Expressing gratitude and reverence

12. Praising the Savior's redemptive mission

The Poetic and Linguistic Artistry

13. Eloquence of the lyrics

14. Masterful use of language

15. Rich imagery and symbolism

16. Melodic flow and rhyme scheme

17. Evoking deep emotions

Personal and Collective Connection

18. A hymn of personal reflection

19. Collective worship and unity

20. Inspiring faith and hope

21. Creating a sense of community


With its profound lyrics and timeless melody, "With Wondering Awe" continues to captivate hearts and minds. This hymn serves as a powerful reminder of the divine love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Whether sung in a religious setting or listened to individually, it has the ability to evoke a sense of wonder, gratitude, and reverence. Let us continue to cherish and share the beauty of "With Wondering Awe" lyrics, allowing them to uplift and inspire us in our spiritual journey.