65 Elephant And Piggie Activities

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Welcome to our blog article on Elephant and Piggie activities! If you're a fan of Mo Willems' beloved children's book series, you're in for a treat. Elephant and Piggie have captured the hearts of readers young and old with their hilarious and heartwarming adventures. In this article, we'll explore a variety of activities inspired by these lovable characters that will engage and entertain children while fostering a love for reading and creativity.

1. Elephant and Piggie Puppet Show

Bring the characters of Elephant and Piggie to life by creating your very own puppet show. Use paper bags or socks to make puppets of the characters, and then put on a show with your child. Encourage them to act out their favorite scenes from the books or come up with their own stories featuring Elephant and Piggie.

2. Elephant and Piggie Coloring Pages

Print out coloring pages featuring Elephant and Piggie, and let your child's creativity run wild. They can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to bring these beloved characters to life. This activity not only enhances fine motor skills but also allows children to express themselves artistically.

3. Elephant and Piggie Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt inspired by Elephant and Piggie. Hide various objects around your home or outdoor space, and provide clues related to the books for your child to find them. For example, you could hide a toy elephant and leave a clue that says, "Look under the tree where Elephant and Piggie like to play."

4. Elephant and Piggie Book Club

Start an Elephant and Piggie book club with your child and their friends or siblings. Choose a book from the series to read together, and then have a discussion about the story, characters, and themes. This activity promotes literacy skills, critical thinking, and social interaction.

5. Elephant and Piggie Dress-up

Encourage imaginative play by dressing up as Elephant and Piggie. Use simple costumes or props like elephant ears and a pig nose to transform into these beloved characters. Your child can then act out their favorite scenes or create new adventures for Elephant and Piggie.

6. Elephant and Piggie Sensory Bin

Create a sensory bin filled with items related to Elephant and Piggie. Use colored rice or shredded paper as the base, and then add small figurines, character cutouts, or book excerpts. Your child can explore the bin using their senses, fostering sensory development and creativity.

7. Elephant and Piggie Story Retelling

After reading an Elephant and Piggie book together, encourage your child to retell the story in their own words. They can use props, puppets, or drawings to help them remember and narrate the events of the book. This activity promotes comprehension, memory recall, and storytelling skills.

8. Elephant and Piggie Role Play

Engage in role play with your child, taking on the roles of Elephant and Piggie or other characters from the books. Act out scenes from the stories or come up with new adventures for the characters. This activity encourages creativity, empathy, and communication skills.

9. Elephant and Piggie Paper Bag Crafts

Use paper bags to create Elephant and Piggie crafts. Your child can decorate the bags to resemble the characters, adding details like eyes, ears, and snouts. These crafts can be used as puppets, gift bags, or even as decorations for an Elephant and Piggie-themed party.

10. Elephant and Piggie Bookmarks

Make Elephant and Piggie-themed bookmarks using cardstock, markers, and stickers. Your child can personalize their bookmarks with their favorite characters and quotes from the books. This activity not only encourages reading but also helps children develop organizational skills.

11. Elephant and Piggie Dance Party

Create a playlist of upbeat and silly songs to have an Elephant and Piggie dance party. Encourage your child to dance and move like the characters, incorporating actions from the books into their dance routines. This activity promotes physical activity, coordination, and creativity.

12. Elephant and Piggie Word Search

Create a word search puzzle using words related to Elephant and Piggie. Your child can search for character names, book titles, and other relevant terms. This activity enhances vocabulary, word recognition, and problem-solving skills.

13. Elephant and Piggie Memory Game

Create a memory game using cards featuring images of Elephant and Piggie. Lay the cards face down and take turns flipping them over to find matching pairs. This game improves memory skills, concentration, and cognitive abilities.

14. Elephant and Piggie Snack Time

Prepare a snack inspired by Elephant and Piggie. You could make elephant-shaped sandwiches or pig-shaped cookies. Encourage your child to get involved in the preparation process, promoting cooking skills and creativity in the kitchen.

15. Elephant and Piggie Book Tower

Challenge your child to build a tower using Elephant and Piggie books. They can stack the books in various ways, experimenting with balance and stability. This activity enhances fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities.

16. Elephant and Piggie Outdoor Adventure

Take your child on an outdoor adventure inspired by Elephant and Piggie. Go for a nature walk and observe animals and their behaviors, just like Elephant and Piggie do in the books. This activity promotes a love for nature, curiosity, and observation skills.

17. Elephant and Piggie Charades

Play a game of charades using actions and scenes from the Elephant and Piggie books. Take turns acting out a scene or mimicking a character, and guess which book or character it represents. This game improves communication skills, creativity, and imagination.

18. Elephant and Piggie Comic Strip

Encourage your child to create their own Elephant and Piggie comic strip. Provide them with blank comic strip templates or let them draw their own panels. They can come up with a new adventure or recreate a favorite scene from the books. This activity promotes storytelling, drawing skills, and sequential thinking.

19. Elephant and Piggie Science Experiment

Engage in a science experiment with an Elephant and Piggie twist. For example, you could create an "Elephant Toothpaste" experiment using hydrogen peroxide and yeast. Discuss the scientific concepts behind the experiment and relate them to the books. This activity fosters curiosity, scientific thinking, and hands-on learning.

20. Elephant and Piggie Outdoor Theater

Set up an outdoor theater and watch an Elephant and Piggie animated adaptation or read aloud video. Bring blankets, snacks, and cuddly toys to create a cozy and immersive experience. This activity combines the joy of reading with the excitement of theater, enhancing visual and auditory comprehension skills.


These Elephant and Piggie activities are sure to delight young readers and inspire a love for reading, creativity, and imaginative play. Whether you're creating a puppet show, exploring a sensory bin, or engaging in role play, these activities provide endless opportunities for fun and learning. So gather your little ones and embark on an adventure with Elephant and Piggie today!