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Welcome to the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament, one of the most exciting and anticipated basketball events of the year. This annual tournament brings together some of the best high school basketball teams from across the country to compete for the coveted Blue Ridge Trophy. With its rich history and tradition, the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament is a must-see event for any basketball enthusiast.

A Brief History

The Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament has been a staple in the basketball community since its inception in 1955. Over the years, it has grown in popularity and prestige, attracting top teams from all corners of the country. The tournament takes place over the course of four days, with teams battling it out in intense and thrilling matchups.

Venue and Schedule

The tournament is held at the Blue Ridge Arena, a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The arena boasts a seating capacity of 10,000 and provides an electrifying atmosphere for players and spectators alike. The tournament schedule consists of multiple games each day, starting in the morning and running late into the evening.

Team Selection Process

Teams are selected to participate in the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament based on their performance throughout the regular season. The selection committee evaluates various factors such as win-loss records, strength of schedule, and overall team performance. Only the top-ranked teams in the country receive an invitation to compete in this prestigious event.

Players to Watch

The Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament showcases some of the most talented young athletes in the country. Each year, scouts and college recruiters flock to the tournament to get a glimpse of the future stars of the game. From high-flying dunkers to sharpshooters from beyond the arc, the tournament never fails to deliver in terms of individual talent.

Tournament Format

Pool Play

The tournament begins with a pool play stage, where teams are divided into groups and compete against each other. This stage allows teams to familiarize themselves with their opponents and get a feel for their playing style. The top teams from each pool advance to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage

Once the pool play stage concludes, the tournament moves into the knockout stage. This stage is where the intensity and pressure reach new heights. Teams face off in single-elimination matchups, where the winner moves on and the loser is eliminated from the tournament. The knockout stage is known for its thrilling buzzer-beaters and nail-biting finishes.

Championship Game

The pinnacle of the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament is the championship game. This is where the two best teams battle it out for the title of tournament champions. The championship game is often a showcase of skill, determination, and teamwork. The winning team is awarded the prestigious Blue Ridge Trophy, solidifying their place in tournament history.

Notable Moments in Tournament History

The Miracle Comeback

In 1987, the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in its history. Down by 15 points with only two minutes remaining, the underdog team mounted an incredible comeback to win the game by a single point. This game is still talked about today as one of the most memorable moments in tournament history.

Record-Breaking Performances

Over the years, the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament has seen numerous record-breaking performances. From individual scoring records to team rebounding records, the tournament has been a breeding ground for excellence. These records serve as a testament to the talent and dedication of the players who have graced the tournament.

Upsets and Cinderella Stories

The Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament is known for its fair share of upsets and Cinderella stories. Every year, there are underdog teams that defy the odds and make deep runs in the tournament. These stories captivate the hearts of fans and serve as a reminder that anything is possible in the world of sports.

Attending the Tournament

Ticket Information

Tickets for the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament can be purchased online through the tournament's official website or at the Blue Ridge Arena box office. Prices vary depending on the seating section and the stage of the tournament. It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance, as the tournament often sells out quickly.

Accommodation and Travel

If you are traveling from out of town to attend the tournament, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance. The Blue Ridge Mountains offer a range of lodging options, from luxury resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts. Additionally, the nearest airport to the Blue Ridge Arena is just a short drive away, making travel convenient for out-of-town visitors.

Food and Refreshments

The Blue Ridge Arena offers a variety of food and refreshment options for spectators. From classic stadium fare to local delicacies, there is something to satisfy every craving. It is advisable to arrive early to avoid long lines during peak hours.


The Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament is a true celebration of the sport and the athletes who dedicate themselves to it. From the thrilling games to the unforgettable moments, the tournament never fails to deliver excitement and entertainment. Whether you are a die-hard basketball fan or simply looking for an unforgettable sporting experience, the Blue Ridge Basketball Tournament is a must-attend event.