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Welcome to St. Christopher Catholic Church, where we celebrate the sacrament of baptism with great joy and reverence. Baptism is a significant event in the life of a Catholic, as it marks the beginning of their journey in faith. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of baptism at St. Christopher Catholic Church, from the preparation process to the ceremony itself.

Preparing for Baptism

Meeting with the Priest

Prior to the baptism, parents are required to meet with the priest to discuss the sacrament and its importance. During this meeting, the priest will guide the parents through the preparation process and answer any questions they may have.

Choosing Godparents

Parents are encouraged to carefully choose godparents for their child. Godparents play a vital role in the spiritual development of the baptized child and serve as mentors in their faith journey. They should be practicing Catholics who are willing to guide and support the child throughout their life.

Attending Baptismal Preparation Classes

St. Christopher Catholic Church offers baptismal preparation classes to help parents understand the significance of the sacrament and their responsibilities as Catholic parents. These classes cover topics such as the role of parents and godparents, the symbolism of baptism, and the importance of nurturing the child's faith.

The Baptism Ceremony

The Rite of Welcome

The baptism ceremony begins with the Rite of Welcome, during which the child and their family are greeted by the priest and the community. This rite acknowledges the importance of the child's entry into the Church and invites the congregation to support and pray for the child and their family.

The Liturgy of the Word

Following the Rite of Welcome, the Liturgy of the Word takes place. This is when scripture readings and a homily are shared with the congregation, emphasizing the significance of baptism and its connection to the Word of God.

The Sacrament of Baptism

The sacrament of baptism is then administered by the priest. The child's name is called, and the parents and godparents are asked to renounce sin and profess their faith. The child is then baptized with water, symbolizing their entry into the Church and their rebirth in Christ.

Anointing with Oil

After the baptism, the child is anointed with sacred oil, known as chrism. This anointing represents the child's incorporation into the body of Christ and their sharing in the mission of Christ as priest, prophet, and king.

Reception of the Baptized

Following the anointing, the newly baptized child is welcomed into the Church as a member of the community. They are presented with a white garment, symbolizing their purity, and a candle, symbolizing the light of Christ.

Celebrating the Sacrament

Post-Baptismal Celebration

After the baptism ceremony, it is common for families to celebrate with a gathering or reception. This is an opportunity for loved ones to come together and rejoice in the child's entry into the Catholic faith.

Continuing the Faith Journey

Baptism is only the beginning of a lifelong journey in faith. St. Christopher Catholic Church offers a variety of programs and resources to support families in nurturing their child's faith, including religious education classes, sacramental preparation, and youth ministry.

Sacraments of Initiation

Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation in the Catholic Church. As the child grows, they will have the opportunity to receive the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation, completing their initiation into the Church.


At St. Christopher Catholic Church, we believe that baptism is a sacred and joyous occasion, marking the beginning of a lifelong journey in faith. We are committed to supporting families in preparing for and celebrating this sacrament, and we invite you to join us in this beautiful celebration of new life in Christ.