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Welcome to our blog, where we bring you the latest music news, tips, and reviews. Today, we have an exciting topic to discuss - the lyrics of the popular Bollywood song "Bada Natkhat Hai Re." This catchy tune has been making waves in the industry, and we are here to provide you with a detailed analysis of its lyrics. So, let's dive in and explore the meaning and significance behind the words of this playful and energetic song.

What is "Bada Natkhat Hai Re"?

Before we delve into the lyrics, let's first understand what "Bada Natkhat Hai Re" means. In Hindi, "Bada" means big, "Natkhat" means mischievous, and "Hai Re" is an expression of awe or surprise. Therefore, the phrase "Bada Natkhat Hai Re" can be loosely translated as "He is quite mischievous" or "He is full of mischief." This phrase sets the tone for the song and gives us a glimpse into the playful nature of the lyrics.

The Opening Verse

The lyrics of "Bada Natkhat Hai Re" start with an energetic and captivating opening verse. The singer sets the stage by describing the mischievous nature of the protagonist. The verse goes like this:

"Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya
Laage Hai Mann Mohe Aise, Sudh Budh Khoye"

Here, the singer refers to Lord Krishna, a Hindu deity known for his mischievous and playful nature. The lyrics express the singer's admiration for Krishna and how his mischievousness captivates the singer's heart. The phrase "Sudh Budh Khoye" implies that the singer is so enchanted by Krishna's mischief that they lose all sense of rationality and understanding.

The Chorus

The chorus of "Bada Natkhat Hai Re" is catchy and serves as the centerpiece of the song. It repeats multiple times throughout the track, making it easily recognizable and memorable. The lyrics of the chorus go like this:

"Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya
Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya
Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya
Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya"

These lines reinforce the mischievous nature of Krishna and celebrate his playful personality. The repetition of the phrase "Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya" emphasizes the central theme of the song and adds to its overall charm and appeal.

The Verses

After the opening verse and chorus, "Bada Natkhat Hai Re" continues with a series of verses that further explore Krishna's mischievousness and its impact on the singer. Let's take a look at some of these verses:

Verse 1:

"Makhan Chor, Natkhat Shyam
Banwariya, Kanhaiya
Jogiji Haan, Jogi Haan
Radha Ke Pyare Shyam"

In this verse, the singer describes Krishna using various names and titles that highlight his mischievous and playful nature. "Makhan Chor" refers to Krishna's habit of stealing butter, "Natkhat Shyam" emphasizes his mischievousness, and "Banwariya, Kanhaiya" are endearing names for him. The last line, "Radha Ke Pyare Shyam," indicates that Krishna is beloved by Radha, his divine consort.

Verse 2:

"Murli Ki Madhur Dhun
Gopiyo Ka Man Mohan
Dekho Na Dekho
Kitna Sundar Hai Shyam"

In this verse, the singer praises the enchanting sound of Krishna's flute ("Murli Ki Madhur Dhun") and its effect on the hearts of the Gopis, female devotees of Krishna ("Gopiyo Ka Man Mohan"). The last line, "Dekho Na Dekho, Kitna Sundar Hai Shyam," invites the listeners to behold the beauty of Shyam (another name for Krishna).

Verse 3:

"Jitne Bhi Gopiyon Ke
Dil Hain Charon Aur
Unse Mile Na Mile
Pyar Tumhe Se Hi Chur"

In this verse, the singer acknowledges the love and admiration that Krishna receives from all the Gopis. The lyrics convey that regardless of whether Krishna meets the Gopis or not, their hearts belong to him. The phrase "Pyar Tumhe Se Hi Chur" means that Krishna has stolen their hearts with his love.

The Bridge

In the middle of "Bada Natkhat Hai Re," there is a bridge section that adds a different flavor to the song and breaks the pattern established by the verses and chorus. The lyrics of the bridge go like this:

"Natkhat Hai Re Natkhat
Makhan Chor
Bada Natkhat Hai Re Natkhat
Makhan Chor"

These lines once again highlight Krishna's mischievous and butter-stealing nature. The repetition of the phrase "Natkhat Hai Re Natkhat, Makhan Chor" reinforces the playful aspect of the song and keeps the listeners engaged.

The Conclusion

As "Bada Natkhat Hai Re" nears its end, the lyrics repeat the chorus and reinforce the central theme of Krishna's mischievousness. The energetic and playful nature of the song leaves the listeners with a sense of joy and admiration for Krishna's character.


In this article, we explored the lyrics of the popular Bollywood song "Bada Natkhat Hai Re." We discovered that the song celebrates the mischievous and playful nature of Lord Krishna. The lyrics beautifully capture Krishna's charm and the impact he has on his devotees. Whether it's his butter-stealing habits, enchanting flute, or the love he receives from the Gopis, Krishna's mischievousness is the central theme of the song. We hope this analysis deepened your understanding of "Bada Natkhat Hai Re" and enhanced your appreciation for its lyrics. Stay tuned for more music-related content in our future articles!